About Us

We are a perfect blogging website for you to get to know about your requirement of your Wifi range extension. People usually don’t get the idea behind range extenders. People get confuse when it comes to buying a wireless range extender as they think that they already have a perfect router installed at their place so why to spend extra on an another device.

We like to help you find a perfect range extender which suits your requirement of removing wifi dead zones from your house. There are plenty of companies providing Wireless Range Extenders today. Major brands of this industry are Netgear, Amped Wireless, TP-link, D-link, Wicommfi and Tenda. These companies have thousands of models according to different needs of people.

In this website, we have compared models of Amped Wireless. Amped has total 14 high power wireless range extenders. These models have different qualities designed for needs of different kind of houses. In this website we have compared 4 of their main high power wireless range extenders to help you in better understand of these products. We have explained everything about these models to ease you to find a perfect model for your requirement. We have explained which range extender to buy and how to set it up at your place and how to troubleshoot almost every problem comes with it.